Business valuation

There can be a whole range of reasons for valuing entire companies or individual parts of companies. In particular, this is regularly required when a business is acquired or sold in order to provide the parties involved with an objective value assessment as the basis for agreeing the purchase price.

Additionally, it is often necessary to determine the correct value of a company for reasons relating to company law. Particularly in connection with the withdrawal of individual shareholders, the appropriate settlement value needs to be established, taking into account the provisions in the articles of association.

Tax law also specifies a wide variety of occasions on which an objective business valuation must be carried out. The values set for inheritances and gifts are often clearly far too high, due to the lump-sum method applied under inheritance tax law, and have to be challenged. Likewise, when transferring parts of a company or certain operations, their value needs to be established.

With their many years of experience and expertise, our valuation experts can provide you with detailed company value assessments, including extensive reporting as well as brief expert opinions.