Electronic financial statements

The balance sheet and income statement must be submitted to the tax authorities in electronic form as a so-called “E-Bilanz” (electronic financial statement). The obligatory standard formats, known as “taxonomies”, are published annually.

The information to be transferred electronically comprises, in particular, balance sheet and income statement data as well as other tax-relevant information in XBRL format.

Implementing the requirements of the tax authorities can take the form of integrated tax accounting by means of major adjustments to your company’s own ERP system. Such fully automated tax accounting is, however, a very technical, ideal model that is difficult to implement in practice and is therefore only very rarely the chosen option. It is more practicable to use reconciliation software that generates the necessary documents, based on taxonomy-compliant commercial bookkeeping data, and enables their transmission to the tax authorities.

We are happy to support you with the preparation and filing of your electronic financial statements in line with this approach. In doing so, we take the data from your annual financial statements, adjust their account classification to meet the minimum requirements of the taxonomy, in XBRL or Excel format, and transfer them to a tax balance sheet and the additional documents that have to be sent. We then forward this information, together with the tax forms, which also have to be provided in electronic form, directly to the tax office on your behalf.