Financial statement audits

Auditing annual financial statements, prepared according to HGB or IFRS, is one of our core competences. Audit assignments are conducted by us efficiently and to a high quality standard, and they are regularly validated by external peer review or our international network, Kreston Global. Our approach to auditing ensures continuity of the service provided by the responsible certified auditor, accompanied by a team of qualified staff who work for our clients over many years.

When carrying out an audit, we utilise state-of-the-art technical resources, but without neglecting personal contact and direct communication.

It is our view that an audit also means providing valuable advice on improving accounting methods, flagging up the organisational possibilities with regard to tax and company law, and also giving information on important business management aspects. Thus, our trademark combination of auditing and consultancy aims to achieve the greatest possible benefit for our clients. By examining the effectiveness and appropriateness of internal control systems and risk management procedures, we generate valuable knowledge about the organisational efficiency and compliance of business processes. We are pleased to share this knowledge with our clients.