Corporate transactions/M&A

A whole host of reasons can lead to the establishment, acquisition or sale of a company: new business ideas, transfer of a business or parts of a business, setting up of a joint venture. We offer a comprehensive M&A advisory service, both nationally and on a cross-border basis via our Kreston network, including:

  • Advice on setting up companies
  • Valuation of companies and parts of a company
  • Due diligence of target companies for prospective buyers
  • Support for potential sellers within the scope of due diligence projects
  • Company acquisition
  • Tax optimisation in relation to the transaction (e.g. loss utilisation)
  • Developing and advising on financing concepts

Specifically, our services range from designing a tax-optimised and liability-optimised target structure and precisely examining the target company as part of due diligence, through to drafting the company’s purchase agreements, taking into account the identified risks, as well as the associated purchase agreement negotiations.