Gründung der Sozietät

Westerfelhaus is a medium-sized auditing and tax consulting firm, operating both nationally an internationally, with a history spanning over 50 years. This is testimony to the depth of experience in the areas of expertise we offer.

Prof. Dr. oec. Herwarth Westerfelhaus opened his own practice in September 1958. A short time later he established the firm with Dipl.-Kfm. Werner Indiestel, and in the following years it developed continuously. The firm’s founders have always arranged the succession of partners in good time so as to ensure continuity in terms of expertise, personnel and the quality of advice for the clients we serve. Prof. Dr. oec. Herwarth Westerfelhaus died on 27.04.2014.

As an honorary professor of the Faculty of Economics at Bielefeld University, Prof. Dr. oec. Herwarth Westerfelhaus also passed on his knowledge and experience to a new generation of students for many years.

Our long history of working in the field of auditing and tax consultancy has created a valuable bank of experience which we can draw on and which is constantly evolving. After all, our philosophy is “Standing Still is a Step Backwards”.

Prof. Dr.
Herwarth Westerfelhaus
(died on 27.04.2014)