Career entrants

If you make your entry into the working world at Westerfelhaus, you will already have mastered the first step on the career ladder with distinction. If you have a solid educational/training base, your professional prospects are endless. Your future begins with us.

You have already shaped your career through your studies and chosen specialities. With us, your career can now really take off. At Westerfelhaus a whole host of interesting challenges await you along with responsibility at an early stage, not to mention a comprehensive education and further training programme that will accompany you all the way. Our aim is to get you into shape so that you can master current and future challenges. With us, you have the opportunity to prove yourself as a team member early on. We won‘t send you into a theoretical no-man’s land, but rather assign you to actual projects from day one. Of course, we do not leave you to your own devices; experienced colleagues are on hand to help you. You can ask for advice at any time. In this way, you will gradually develop in the direction you and we envisage.