Experienced professionals

Westerfelhaus offers individuals with relevant professional experience attractive opportunities for further career development in a range of posts. If you are interested in bringing your knowledge and abilities to bear in a new, exciting environment and advancing yourself professionally and personally, then Westerfelhaus is the perfect place for you.

Our success is built on the people we employ. It is they who advise our clients on our behalf. We are looking for people who bring passion and character to their work. We choose those who work for and with us with great care because our aim is not simply to swell our ranks, but to strengthen our team with specific skill sets. At the same time, you should be able to look beyond your own area of expertise, as we are a network of different qualifications which only achieves its full impact as an entity. As a professionally experienced “newcomer” you will be given maximum support and integrated as quickly as possible into the team. The aim is to identify and elucidate the best solutions for our clients. At Westerfelhaus this is the key benchmark for everything we do.